Class Ic

IV Dose0.2 mg/kg q 10 min to 2.0 mg/kg maximum. Give with volume.
Drip 0.004-0.007 mg/kg/min
(IV preparation not available in USA)
Oral dose300-400 mg/m2/day divided q 6 hours
LevelsNot yet proven to be useful.
KineticsNonlinear, saturable kinetics
Variable elimination half-life: 2.4-11.8 hours (Up to 26 hours in slow metabolizers).
Peak levels 2-3 hours after oral dose.
Cautions1/40 propranolol beta-blocking effect, 50 times the normally achievable propranolol concentrations.
InteractionsIncreases digoxin levels by 40-100%. Aggravates ventricular arrhythmias, especially torsades de pointes, when used with amiodarone.
PreparationsRythmol scored tablets, 150 mg, 300 mg
FDA approval in childrenno