Antiarrhythmic drug dosages and preparations for children

Compiled by:
George F. Van Hare, MD
Director, Pediatric Cardiology, Washington University / St. Louis Children’s Hospital


This Antiarrhythmic Drug Guide was put together as a set of notes derived from elsewhere, with a focus on pediatric considerations. In particular, it answers the most frequent questions that I get concerning the use of these agents in children, and is handy when writing prescriptions or in-patient orders. The purpose was not to be exhaustive in the scope of data included, particularly with respect to interactions and cautions. The PDR is available and should be used if a complete account of prescribing information is desired.

This guide is not a substitute for a cardiology consult. It is organized using the Vaughn Williams classification of antiarrhythmic drug effects. If this is unfamiliar, you could look it up.


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