Class Ib

IV DoseLoading does: 1 mg/kg, given no faster than 50 mg/min.
May repeat twice q 5-10 mins.
Drip 20-50 ug/kg/min.
Decrease rate by 50% at 24 hours!
Oral doseNo PO form (although mexiletine is similar)
Levels1.5-5 ug/ml.
Toxicity (esp. confusion) frequent >6 ug/ml.
KineticsElimination half-life 1.8 hours in adults and children aged 6 m- 3 years, 3.2 hours in neonates.
Decreased clearance in congestive heart failure.
CautionsVertigo, paraesthesias, slurred speech and confusion are the first signs of toxicity.
InteractionsPropranolol decreases liver blood flow and lidocaine clearance.
Isoproterenol, phenobarbital, phenytoin increase clearance.
PreparationsXylocaine injection, 100 mg/5 cc (amps or syringes)
FDA approval in childrenyes